Government House

Government House

Government House
Courtesy of the Public Archives and Records Office Acc3466/HF74.90.1

One of the most beautiful houses on the Island, Government House has been home to the representative of the Queen for over 180 years.

The parcel of land on which Government House sits had been set aside in 1789 by Governor Fanning with the stipulation that it be used as a Vice Regal residence, hence the name Fanning’s Bank or what we now know as Fanningbank.

The grand residence was designed and constructed by some of the same people that worked on Province House. Isaac Smith was the architect of the project, while Henry Smith, Nathan Wright and a host of other builders and craftsmen built it in 1834.

Government House was designated a National Historic Site 27 May 1971.

For a time, the area around the house was used as farmland and was called Government House Farm. This is the reason that the happy cows pictured above are enjoying a lovely lunch at the Vice Regal residence.


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