St. Dunstan’s Basilica

St. Dunstan's Basilica, City of Charlottetown Collection

St. Dunstan’s Basilica and Bishop’s Residence
Courtesy of the City of Charlottetown Collection

With its soaring spires, picturesque pinnacles and intricate tracery, St. Dunstan’s Basilica is an excellent example of the High Victorian Gothic style in Canadian architecture. It was designated a National Historic Site 23 February 1990.

Erected between 1897 and 1907, it was severely damaged by fire in 1913. Citizens of all faiths rallied to conserve the surviving walls and rebuilt the cathedral to the original exterior plan by F.-X. Berlinguet. The interior was beautifully redesigned in the English Gothic style by architect, J.M. Hunter to provide more interior light than the 1907 version of the church.

Consecrated and elevated to the status of a Basilica in 1929, St. Dunstan’s is a source of pride to the Diocese of Charlottetown and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the City.


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