The Sewer System

Advertisement in McAlpine’s Directory, 1900 for Shaw & Bearisto

Now that Charlottetown had obtained a sewer system, companies like Shaw & Bearisto were happy to provide service to the public. Delbert R. H. Shaw was the first certified plumber in Prince Edward Island. He obtained his experience in Boston, and returned to Charlottetown where he set up his business with William Bearisto in 1898 -the same year the sewage system was introduced.

Their first contract was 181 Fitzroy Street.  They would go on to work on some of the larger homes in Charlottetown over the next few years.

The advertisement (left) was a full page ad featured in McAlpine’s Prince Edward Island Directory of 1900. Note the emphasis on “sanitary plumbing and house drainage” and the early toilet and tub. The child  looks particularly pleased with her newly installed tub.

Pumphouse by Frieda Creighton Creelman

Pumphouse by Frieda Creighton Creelman
Courtesy of Ian Scott

The sewer system continued to expand and modernize as the City grew. The Pumphouse (right) was replaced with a more modern lift station in 1969 as part of a modernization of the sewer system. The Charlottetown Pollution Control Commission was established in the early 1970s to address the harbour clean-up and future waste water treatment needs of the City and surrounding environs. The Commission represented a partnership between the Province of Prince Edward Island, the City of Charlottetown, the Town of Parkdale and the Village of Sherwood. By 1974, the Commission had spearheaded the development of a primary waste water treatment plant, known as the Charlottetown Pollution Control Plant, together with the construction of several pumping stations along the City’s waterfront, and outfall piping deep into the Hillsborough River.


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