Rugby was one of the earliest sports played in Charlottetown. It was introduced to Canada in the 1860s by immigrants and regimental armies. On the East Coast, the game began with the formation of the Halifax Football Club in 1870. In Charlottetown, a rugby club was formed when a group of young men met in Victoria Park in 1884. This meeting would mark the beginning of the Abegweit Club. Rugby was the first game of all the sports on the Island that attracted large numbers and fan loyalty. At least 250 fans traveled with team when they played their first game in inter provincial competition at Pictou on 24 May 1886. The game became popular with post secondary students with Saint Dunstan’s University and Prince of Wales College meeting at Victoria Park to play their first match on 15 May 1886. Prince of Wales won the game 14-0 but many games would follow. Rugby became wildly popular in  Charlottetown where games were played at Victoria Park, Prince Street School and even in the Squares. There were at least 19 teams playing in the City with names like the Brighton Heroes, the Thistles and the Hillsborough Stars.

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