Ivan Younghusband Reddin (1885-1950)

Ivan Younghusband Reddin (second from left) (1885-1950)

Ivan Younghusband Reddin was a local businessman who worked with the Island Development Company, a subsidiary of Socony Vacuum Oil Company. The Island Development Company was charged with drilling for oil in the Hillsborough Bay, eight miles south of Charlottetown, in the 1940s. Sadly, oil was never found.

In his free time, Reddin was involved in the Little Theatre Guild, a theatre group that was organized in 1935. The group (some of its members seen above in 1937) would take a hiatus during the war years but go on to reorganize in 1947 and grow to include over 300 members. At its height the group would  stage at least one public performance a year with a number of smaller productions for members.


Residences Brighton Road Ch'town for Mr. Reddin  PARO Acc3607-147-2

Residences Brighton Road Ch’town for Mr. Reddin
PARO Acc3607-147-2

Prior to Reddin’s foray into oil exploration and acting, in 1915, he planned a subdivision of eight cement houses on the corner of the west side of Goodwill Avenue and Brighton Road. Talented architect, John Marshall Hunter designed the houses and Charles Coles was hired to build them. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the houses were constructed of concrete, buyers were concerned about dampness, and sales of the homes were slow-so slow in fact that the original plan to build eight houses was cut back to two (90 and 94 Brighton Road). Reddin himself would go on to live in 90 Brighton Road.
Only one year after construction began on his concrete houses, Reddin was again building, but it was an apartment house this time, and it was located at the back of the two houses and faced on to Goodwill Avenue. The  May 19, 1916 edition of the Guardian newspaper proclaimed “Charlottetown’s First Modern Apartment House Now Building”  The apartment building was constructed and designed by Charles Coles. The building stood for 97 years until it was demolished in the spring of 2013.




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