Churchill Avenue

W.H. Tidmarsh Residence, plan

Churchill Avenue, formerly Brighton Avenue, like Ambrose and Greenfield Avenue was developed after the Brighton Tannery was closed and the Davies property was sold off.  W.H. Tidmarsh /Dr. John Maloney House on the corner of Churchill and Greenfield Avenue was designed by talented architect, C.B. Chappell in 1915.

PARO Acc3042-81
W.H. Tidmarsh

W.H. Tidmarsh was a lobster packer and the owner of Campbell’s Cove Lobster Packing Company and the North Lake Lobster Packing Company. He was known for packing lobster paste in glass sealers with a patented top.

Dr. John Maloney was also a resident of 11 Churchill Avenue after the Tidmarsh Family. Dr. Maloney enjoyed a distinguished career as a physician and former provincial cabinet minister. He served as the Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Charlottetown Hospital,  a member of the medical staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital  and he was a founding member of the Charlottetown Clinic.  Maloney had a keen interest in Archaeology and was instrumental in establishing the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation. He contributed to the business community in his work in establishing the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation, the Summerside Development Corporation and the Island’s first industrial park in West Royalty. He had a strong vision for Prince Edward Island which was a key factor in the introduction of Medicare on the Island, as well as in the upgrading of the educational system through new school construction and the creation of both Holland College and UPEI.

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