Villa Avenue

33 Villa Avenue
Courtesy of Ken McInnis

Villa Avenue where it crosses between Greenfield Avenue and Ambrose Street was developed at the turn at the twentieth century.

The Daily Examiner of August 23, 1902 reported that 33 Villa Avenue (left) had been built in the summer of 1902 by John McNevin and his family.



Tait's Flower Shop Gardens

Tait’s Flower Gardens

The house next door, 35 Villa Avenue, was built in 1902 for Mr. James Tait. Tait’s house was described in more detail the following year, largely because of the greenhouse business associated with it.

Tait’s greenhouse extended from the back of his residence, operating well enough in 1903 to produce 100-200 flowers a week in the middle of March. By 1938 James Tait had expanded his business to include four separate “conservatories”. The expanded facilities would eventually form an “L”, running from Villa to Ambrose with a retail shop facing on Ambrose Street.

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