Churches and Schools

Grace Methodist Church PARO Acc2806-5

Grace Methodist Church PARO Acc2806-5

The Grace Methodist Church was constructed shortly after 1871. The Church would stand on its site until the congregation united with the First Methodist Church (now Trinity United) in 1918.  The building was offered for sale in the 15 August 1918 edition of the local newspaper, the Guardian. Those interested were asked to send tenders to the residence of Secretary Trustee, R.E. Mutch. Eventually, the church became an apartment building called the Ritz, which still stands to this day.

The Grace Methodist Manse can be seen just north of the church in the image above. It was the second manse for the congregation and was described by the 21 July 1886 edition of the Examiner newspaper as a “pretty, one and a half storey, hip roof structure containing ten rooms”.  The congregation hired Phillips and Chappell to design the home and it was constructed by William Fraser. Coincidentally, both companies were used to design and build City Hall. The manse served the pastors of the Grace Methodist Church until approximately 1918 when the congregation united with the First Methodist Church. It was then converted to a private dwelling.

Prince Street School PARO  Acc3218-171

Prince Street School PARO Acc3218-171

A school was built across the street from the Church and Manse in 1871 and was constructed of brick and stone at a cost of 25 000 dollars. It was affiliated with the Wesleyan Church and named the Wesleyan Day School. The school had 14 classrooms and an attendance of 600 pupils with 2 acres of land for a playground. In 1877, the name of the school was changed to Upper Prince Street School. Following its purchase by the Provincial Government in 1890, it was renamed Prince Street School. A number of educational firsts are associated with Prince Street School. It was the first non-secular public school to open following the Provincial School Act, the first public school to offer a music program in Prince Edward Island and the first Island elementary school to include a library.

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