The Full House

Col. Eliot Full residence, 1947 Courtesy of Don Wonnacott

The Full Residence with neighborhood children, 1947
Courtesy of Don Wonnacott

One of the earlier houses, and certainly one of the most beautiful on Upper Prince Street, was built by businessman, George Full at 69 Upper Prince Street. As mentioned earlier in the exhibit,  Hon. Thomas Heath Haviland (1822-1895) a prominent Island politician, Father of Confederation, and lieutenant governor, owned much of the land in this section of Upper Prince Street. He sold part of Common Lot 24 to George E. Full in 1875. By 1877, this home had been constructed and was referred to in the 2 June edition of the Examiner newspaper as Mr. George Full’s  “new cottage on Haviland Lane”.

George Full, Queen Street

George Full, Queen Street
Meachams Atlas, 1880

Full was a successful merchant in Charlottetown. He sold a number of items from his shop on Queen Street including boots, shoes, trunks and valises. An 1888 advertisement for his business indicated that he could be found on Queen Street “at the sign of the lion” referring to the signage outside of his shop. Full was one of a number of businessmen that chose to live on Upper Prince Street.







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