Electricity: Maritime Electric, 1926

Maritime Electric, 1926 <br> Maritime Electric Collection

Maritime Electric, 1926
Maritime Electric Collection

In 1885, electric lighting came to the streets of Charlottetown. The Royal Electrical Engineering and Construction Company was contracted to light the streets with electricity from steam produced by coal. The Full Electric Company entered the market with incandescent technology the same year. One year later, the Prince Edward Island Electric Company erected an electrical generating plant to supply arc lighting. In 1901, all three electricity companies would become Charlottetown Light and Power – a monopoly. By 1918, Maritime Electric of Fredericton, New Brunswick would take over the company. Although the City of Charlottetown was supplied with electricity relatively early, many rural areas did not have the luxury well into the 1960s. Some rural areas received their own electric power from private hydroelectric generators on dammed rivers throughout the Island. Often they would only provide electricity on certain days and it was expensive.


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