Prince of Wales College Graduates, 1911

Prince of Wales College Graduates, 1911<br> Photo Courtesy of the Dorothy Forsythe Collection

Prince of Wales College Graduates, 1911
Photo Courtesy of the Dorothy Forsythe Collection

The young ladies in the photo had just graduated with their Home Sciences certificate and were justly proud. The building pictured above was the second for the College. The institute of higher learning began as Central Academy in a wood framed structure built in about 1834. It was renamed Prince of Wales College (PWC) in 1860 in honour of the Prince of Wales’ visit. In 1900, a new, much larger brick edifice was constructed and this is the building pictured above. After a devastating fire in 1932, the building was replaced with a James Harris designed college that still stands today. Interestingly, PWC received funding from the Carnegie Corporation to build its library. Soon a new residence named after Lucy Maud Montgomery would be constructed. Montgomery Hall would be affectionately known as Monty Hall. In 1965, PWC was granted degree granting status. Four years later, the Prince Edward Island Government merged PWC and St. Dunstan’s University to form the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). The former PWC buildings became Holland College and the SDU campus became the home of UPEI.

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