The Butcher Market House/City Hall

The Butcher Market House/City Hall <br> City of Charlottetown ArchivesHall

The Butcher Market House/City Hall
City of Charlottetown Archives

The City of Charlottetown was incorporated for some time before it had a venue to hold Council meetings or conduct city business. The first City Council meeting took place at Mayor Robert Hutchinson’s house on the south west corner of Sydney and Pownal Streets. The old courthouse/meal market building on Queen Square was used until 1872 when it was sold and moved to Euston Street. City Hall then moved over to the Market Hall which was designed by cabinet maker, Mark Butcher. A piece was built on to the west end of the structure and a place for the fire bell “Big Donald” was made on the top of the building. The City administration would remain here until 1888 when City Hall was constructed on the north west corner of Queen and Kent Streets – the site of the old Love’s Tannery. It would be a municipal hall to accommodate city offices, Council Chambers, Police and the Fire Department.

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