The City Seal

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City Seal
City of Charlottetown Archives

Shortly after incorporation, a call went out to establish the new city seal. Artist, George Thresher was chosen and was paid one shilling for his design that features a triple-masted vessel flying a flag, a plow, and a sheaf of grain on a hillock, the whole of which is encircled by “City of Charlottetown Prince Edward Island” and “Incorporated A.D. 1855”. The images of the shipping industry and harvest touch on the primary industries of the day. The ship can also refer to the ship of the city. Interestingly, Pennsylvania has similar imagery on its state seal. The city seal can be found on almost all early city documents and in stained glass in the City Council Chambers. In the 1930s, the seal was tiled in to the floor of the Kent Street entrance to City Hall and remains there to this day.

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